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I was married to my long time friend Michelle in 2007. I have 2 kids (Matt and Sara) from my first marriage and Michelle has 2 (Timothy and Kaitlyn) from her first.

I will not be getting into much detail about Michelle, Timothy or Kaitlyn on here but I did want to mention them as family is the most important thing.  I will be sharing some about Matt and Sara but will leave it up to the others on how much they want to share on this site.

Matt has been in the US Navy since September 2006. He will be done in August 2010.  He is pursuing a career as an aviation mechanic.  He really enjoys working on the jet engines.

Sara is also in the US Navy as a corpsman. She will be done in September 2010 and has been in since January 2009.  She is working at a hospital on the Jacksonville Naval Station. She will be attending school in Florida starting fall of 2010 to continue her education in the medical field.

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